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The Art & Craft of Black and White Landscape Photography
You might say there was a natural collision of circumstances between Jack’s nearly lifelong love of nature, and that of photography. His wondrous journey into nature began when he attended an Outward Bound month-long wilderness course at age 16. At 18, (just over 40 years ago) he picked up his first camera, developed his first B&W print in the darkroom and quickly put his two passions together.

In recent years Jack’s photography has been exhibited in Paris, Athens, Berlin, Moscow, and Malaga Spain and domestically in the US. Most recently, Jack was ranked the #2 Black and White photographer in the world by One Eyeland, which included all genres of B&W. In 2018 Jack had a Monograph book of his work published by LensWork magazine, representing eleven – six image portfolios, following the theme of “Seeing in Sixes.”

Jack has been internationally awarded, having won Gold or 1st place in IPA, PX3, ND Awards, Moscow International Foto Awards, Tokyo International Foto Awards, International Gala/Pollux Awards, Black and White Spider Awards and Black and White Photography Magazines Portfolio Awards.

Jack has a new video tutorial series “Mastery of Light” available on his Website, as well as a new YouTube channel where he makes short form video’s of his process available for free.

He continues to look through the lens with an eye toward discovery, and that is what he hopes to share with us tonight.

For Jack, it’s all about the “Lure of Light.”