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Roman Loranc is a self-taught photographer who began his journey as an artist in the early 1960s when he received a 35mm camera for his first communication. Over time he learned to print and develop on his own and continues to do so. Roman uses a 4×5 Linhof field camera and shoots the majority of his photographs with a 210mm Nikkor lens, using Kodak’s classic Tri-X film, and prints on multigrade fiber paper. Roman shapes the photo from start to finish. The innate drama of the landscapes is reproduced through a variable split-toning (sepia and selenium) technique and He does all the printing, spotting, and archival mounting.
Some photographers believe their strongest work comes from exploring their immediate surroundings. “After photographing California over two decades, I think of myself as a regional photographer, but that does not mean that photography cannot be understood beyond the region. In fact, extensive travel across Europe has solidified my belief that the ancient groves of California native oaks are just as sacred as the holy spaces and cathedrals of Europe.” For this reason he makes occasional photographic forays into Poland and Lithuania.